The 2021 3rd Annual Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Fundraiser Tour


Our mission is to raise donations which will provide funds towards treatment and services for Cancer survivors and their families, especially for those without insurance. The unfortunate circumstances of cancer survivors dictate that we all join forces in the fight to eradicate this horrific disease. The impetus behind our fundraising efforts is due primarily to the devastation that it causes in the lives of too many victims and survivors. Many of our family members have lost their lives as a result of cancer. No one knows how it feels until they have been confronted with the aftermath of this horrific disease. We are about spreading positive energy to the ones that are in need. We get satisfaction from the fact that we have helped someone that may be suffering. Your generous support will allow us to continue providing services and assistance to those who need our help.

The 2021 Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Fundraiser Tour Begins

Los Angeles

The 2021 3rd Annual Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Tour Los Angeles Date: Saturday June 5, 2021 Location: The Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club located at 2635 Pasadena Ave Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm Guest Teams: THE CANCER KILLA’S FOUNDATION VS THE LOS ANGELES BOYS & GIRLS CLUB Performances: artist; The Black Bon Jovi and celebrity guest will perform his hit song Cancer Survivors that landed partnership with the American Cancer Society. QUALIFYING CRITERIA FOR COMPETING TEAMS

                               Each team must have a minimum of 10 players. Each player must be at least 12 years old and older. Each player must sign a disclaimer and liability waiver. The team that scores the most within hours wins!

Our goal and mission to raise over $50,000 locally in each city that we visit to be used to assist cancer survivors and their families that are in need.